PopUp Monkey Review

Product: PopUp Monkey
Producers: MemberSpeed

If you have ever wanted to add the power of pop-ups to your websites, it’s never been easier, or more affordable.

I don’t just mean that they are practically giving this powerful solution away, (which they are – during their introductory special), but in a world where time IS money, the savings you’ll receive with the ability to knock out, and press into service pop-ups at the speed of light, also makes this a must-have tool in your marketing toolbox for 2014 and beyond!

In the past, everyone wanted to add pop-ups to their websites because pop-ups are hands-down the best way to attract a viewer’s attention and get them to make a purchase or take action on whatever you wanted them to do.

The only problem was, coding pop-ups so that they worked correctly, could be very difficult. Sometimes browsers wouldn’t display your pop-ups, sometimes they wouldn’t look very nice, and when it came to mobile devices pop-ups had a tendency of crashing your whole website!

Well, PopUp Monkey it appears has cleared all those hurdles, and then some!

To begin, it’s an online app, so there is nothing to download.

You simply log into PopUp Monkey with your username and secret password and you gain access to the simplest but most powerful pop-up command center in the world.

There, with a few clicks of the mouse, you customize every aspect of the pop-up you want to create.

For instance, you can customize the…

• color
• opacity
• outline color
• how long it takes your pop-up to appear onscreen before your visitor sees it
• how you would like your pop-up to close (close button or timed)
• what online action occurs when someone interacts with your pop-up
• what kinds of interaction you’d like to take place with the visitor witnessing your pop-up

You see, PopUp Monkey goes way beyond what you would consider traditional pop-ups, (with images and text) and allows you to add video, interactive SWF flash games, and more to your pop-up windows just as easily!

How easily?

When I tested this system I was creating beautiful working pop-ups within seconds and it didn’t take any longer for me to add a flash game or video to my pop-ups than it did to add an image and text.

Because it’s an online app, I found that creating even the most seemingly complicated pop-up, was as simple as uploading a file to Dropbox!

Best of all my pop-ups worked in every sort of browser and operating system I could think of testing. Even mobile devices that are notorious for going crazy when pop-ups are used, worked flawlessly whenever PopUp Monkey pop-ups were installed! This alone opens new doors for generating sales and securing leads, that most pop-ups solutions, which I have tried before, never were capable of opening.

With PopUp Monkey, anyone (even a monkey like me) can implement an eye popping online pop-up campaign, reaching all sectors of the online world, capable of boosting conversion rates by as much as 300%!

Visit this link http://keithslinks.com/PopupMonkey, watch the Video Demo, and take advantage of the risk free trial and you’ll see for yourself how PopUp Monkey can put the “POP” back into online conversions!

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